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Divorce takes an emotional toll on everyone. For more than 11 years Family Law Attorney Dennis Ingols has helped partners formalize amicable divorces and break-ups, and litigated high-conflict cases. He pursues his clients' objectives with legal skill, experience, professionalism and persistence. 




In most cases, we first consider negotiating.


  1. Increases the chances that your case will be resolved in a way that minimizes the effects of divorce or separation on you and your family;

  2. Lower the overall costs of your divorce by keeping attorney’s fees to a minimum;

  3. Additionally, orders that result from settlement usually result in better co-parenting relationships;

  4. Fewer return trips to court, and easier, better transitions for the children.



In other cases, if your ex cannot be reasonable, we litigate.  Some lawyers fear litigation, or lack the skills to litigate effectively. Mr. Ingols will go to court and argue your case before a judge if the parties simply cannot agree.

Some common scenarios where settlement is difficult or impossible include:

  1. A party with serious mental health, drug or alcohol issues may fail to see the effect of these issues on his or her parenting ability;

  2. A parent seeks to increase custody because that will lower the amount of child support. That parent's interest in the children has not increased, only their interest in paying lower support;

  3. A non-working spouse may decide to live off of spousal support, rather than trying to find a job;

  4. One party may have unrealistic views of the value of a house, small business, or other property. 

Either way, we begin preparing your case from day one, gathering the necessary facts and documents and discussing your goals and priorities, and planning for contingencies.  In either scenario, communication is they key to everything.  


At The Law Office of Dennis R. Ingols, we commit ourselves to the following:

  • While our helpful staff will assist you with basic information and documents, Mr. Ingols will handle all important aspects of your case himself. Other firms advertise 40 years of "combined" experience, yet many times inexperienced staff handles the cases. 

  • Mr.Ingols will communicate  with you about strategy and budget. We talk about planning and preparation for court appearances and any significant event coming up.

  • Mr. Ingols will consult with you before any significant actions or decisions. If you have questions, he will answer them and make sure you understand what he is doing and why.

  • If there is ever an emergency, even after hours or on the weekend, you will have Mr. Ingols' cell phone number.

  • Otherwise, he will get back to you within one business day.


In exchange for our commitment, Mr. Ingols expects the same level of communication from you. He knows the law, but you know the story, so it is a team effort.  This means when you decide to hire us, we expect:

  • You will work diligently to gather necessary documents and information;

  • You will communicate with us candidly and promptly throughout your representation.

  • You will share your expectations, priorities, fears, deal-breakers, etc. openly, and from the beginning, so that we can prepare accordingly. 


Join our list of clients who have entrusted Mr. Ingols to help them through these tough times with high-quality, cost-efficient representation.


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