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What are the hearings after CPS opens a case against your family?

Once a case is open, numerous hearings will happen. See Chart.

Few points about the flow chart.

  1. You can have an open dependency action whether your kids are in your care or in foster care. The timelines may change, but getting your kids back is not always the end of CPS’ involvement in your life.

  2. You have significantly less time to reunify with your kids if they are under age 3 at the time of removal.

The earlier hearings set the tone for the rest of the proceeding, so retaining qualified counsel from day one is critical. The Initial/Detention, Jurisdiction and Disposition hearings are about whether your children are at risk due to abuse or neglect within the meaning of Welfare & Institutions Code §300. The later hearingWs are about whether you have addressed the problems the Court believes you have. In other words, after Disposition, it is too late to argue that your children never should have been taken. Don’t put yourself in that position, call The Law Office of Dennis R. Ingols, CPS lawyer, immediately if CPS has contacted you or removed your children. (408) 601-0126


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