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When CPS receives a referral about your family

Parents have a fundamental right to care custody and control of their children. However, that right is not absolute. When CPS receives a referral about your family, they will start an investigation. Depending on the circumstances, CPS can close the case immediately, ask you to sign a voluntary plan (steps for you to take to keep your kids, or to get them back), or open a court case. If they open a case (a “dependency action”), the juvenile court will decide if and when you will get your kids back.

CPS opens a case by filing a written request called a Petition. The Petition will allege one or more of the following:

  1. Physical abuse

  2. Failure to protect

  3. Emotional abuse

  4. Sexual abuse

  5. Abuse of sibling

  6. Abandonment.

(Welfare & Institutions Code §300).

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